How to make your Program Launch a Piece of Cake!

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Webinar Description

When baking up a recipe for a sweet treat, there are many steps that are involved before the yummy end product can finally be consumed. However, it can be challenging to pay attention to detail when you know what awaits on the other side of the process. Much like rolling out the perfect training program for the year, it takes some work and preparation in order to have a successful launch. 

During this webinar, Quest CE’s Account Executive Manager, MacKenzie Lindblom, will walk through the steps of implementing a thriving compliance program and how to make the process a 'piece of cake'. Specifically, she’ll demonstrate how to prepare both users and the content that your program will utilize for the year, along with a few refresher points about the Quest CE system and how to fully take advantage of the tools available. 


  • Review Old Recipes: What Worked and What Didn't? 

  • Ingredient Prep: Setting up your 2023 Program Year Account 

  • Combine In a Large Bowl: Load Assignments 

  • Pop into the Oven: Program Launch 

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