How Modern Technology can Improve your Branch Audits

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Webinar Description

We all know how critical branch office inspections are for financial organizations – and how complex they can be. That’s why finding a simple yet intuitive branch audit solution to help with audit planning, reporting, and remediation is so incredibly important for compliance teams today. But with so many different solutions, workflows, and third-party options available, it might feel like an overwhelming project to consider.

In our upcoming webinar, Quest CE staff will cut through the fog and give you a blueprint of when to consider options for outsourced branch exam solutions, some of the key benefits to pay attention to, and share case studies of the advantages other firms have noticed when implementing this type of solution. 

Topics include:

  • Why Consider Streamlining a Branch Audit Program?

  • Key Benefits of a Web-Based Branch Exam Tool

  • Real-Life Customer Examples

Join the discussion on February 16, 2023, at 12PM.

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Moderated by Allison Byrne

Joined by Alexander Drzewiecki and Kate Stockland